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CHM 6302 – Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids

M W F (1:55 PM – 2:45 PM)

CHM 6934 – Responsible Conduct of Research for Chemists

Th (1:55 PM – 2:45 PM)

UF Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! – Second Annual UF-CBI Symposium | Saturday, October 14


Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14, 2023 for the 2nd Annual Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Symposium. This event showcases research progress of graduate students and postdocs working at the Chemistry-Biology interface and brings together CBI mentors and predoctoral students for a day of transdisciplinary scientific discussion, networking, and professional development. 

Last year the inaugural Symposium brought together over 70 participants from 11 departments and colleges across campus.  This year we hope to expand the scope and impact of the symposium and continue to promote and support the students and mentors working at the cutting edge of biotechnology, bioscience, chemical biology, and drug discovery.

The UF CBI Symposium will consist of oral presentation, a poster session, and keynote. This event is open to all graduate students and postdocs participating in chemical biology research at UF.  Deadline for abstracts and registration coming soon!


CHM 6934 – RCR Best Practices for Chemical Research is being offered Fall Semester 2023

The responsible conduct of research (RCR) is essential to good science.  NIH and NSF guidance involves training and education in RCR throughout one’s scientific career. RCR education can takes many forms including seminars, workshops, as well as through informal conversations during mentoring, and laboratory meetings about ethical conduct and practices.  For NIH, NSF, and other fellowship granting institutions RCR training is required, and coursework in RCR is foundational to these requirements. This Fall semester 2023 the course CHM6934 – RCR Best Practices for Chemical Research is being offered for UF-CBI trainees and any other predoctoral students on fellowships or who plan to apply for support.

The goals of CHM 6934 and RCR education and training in general include:

  • Develop, foster, and maintain a culture of integrity in science;
  • empower researchers to hold themselves and others accountable to high ethical standards;
  • improve the ability to make responsible choices when faced with ethical dilemmas involving research;
  • provide an appreciation for the range of accepted scientific practices for conducting research;
  • promote a career-long positive attitude toward research ethics and the responsible conduct of research.

Specific subjects covered will include:

data management – i.e., data acquisition, record-keeping, retention, ownership, analysis, interpretation, and sharing; scientific rigor and reproducibility; responsible authorship and publication; peer review; conflicts of interest in research; mentor/mentee responsibilities and relationships; collaborative science; contemporary ethical issues in biomedical research.

For more information on NIH RCR guidelines and information:


For more information about CHM6934 and UF-CBI RCR Training contact:

Michael E Harris, PhD (Chemistry)